Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pinup Related Sewing patterns!

Whether or not pinup is your thing, free patterns are always awesome. Being a fan of things that don't dent my college budget I scour the internet for patterns of the free variety. Here's what I have found do far. I haven't made all of these, but they are all on my to do list.
Crinoline from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing

Make your own garter belt

Skirts and dresses:
Scalloped Hem Skirt
Kasia Pencil Skirt
50's style dress

Picnic Dress
Marilyn-esque convertible dress

Pants and Blouses:
Ruby Sailor Shorts

 Burda Style Blouse with Ruffled Collar

And finally this super cute Apron:

 Vintage Apron Pattern
Whew that's a lot of links!
Hope something inspires you to do some sewing!


CaitJesse2011 said...

These are SO cute! Could you point me in the direction of the dress pattern?

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